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gtk2-perl-ex is the collective name for a set of extensions to the gtk2-perl set of perl bindings of gtk+. These add-ons are placed in the Gtk2::Ex::* namespace to avoid potential clashes with future gtk+ additions.


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Module NameDescription
Gtk2::Ex::Simple::ListA simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC list widget
Gtk2::Ex::Simple::TreeA simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC tree widget
Gtk2::Ex::Simple::MenuA simple interface to Gtk2's ItemFactory for creating application menus
Gtk2::Ex::DialogsUseful tools for Gnome2/Gtk2/ Perl GUI design
Gtk2::Ex::Graph::GDGtk2 event wrapper for GD::Graph
Gtk2::Ex::ICal::RecurA widget for scheduling a recurring set of events
Gtk2::Ex::RecordsFilterA high level widget to browse reasonably large amounts of relational data and select a subset of records
Gtk2::Ex::TreeMakerA high level widget to represent a set of relational records in a hierarchical spreadsheet kind of display
Gtk2::Ex::TreeMapA Gtk2 implementation of TreeMap
Gtk2::Ex::UtilsExtra Gtk2 Utilities for working with Gnome2/Gtk2 in Perl